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The Holy Tanah Hillel Hazaken

Hillel Hazaken is buried with his students in Meron under the mountain of the Rashbi.Hillel used to say: "Be like the disciples of Aaron, loving peace and pursuing peace." [Be like] one who loves one's fellow creatures and brings them close to the Torah.

The cave of Hillel Hazaken burried in Meron. The great and holy sage Hillel Hazaken and his holy students.
Inside the holy cave of the burrial place of the great elder Hillel. The renowned sage and scholar, Hillel Hazaken, founder of the "Beit Hillel" ("House of Hillel") school for Tannaïm.
Inside the cave of Hillel Hazaken in the mountains of meron. A praying area inside the cave of Hillel Hazaken.


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